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£115,000 RAISED

Wow..... what a finish! We don't know about you but we're elated and exhausted! Kickstarter told us it often comes on at the end but that was something of an understatement. On Friday we were still at £60K.

Thanks so much to everyone who pledged and to all those who sent such euphoric and often emotional thanks and best wishes. This project means everything to us but it's clear now that it means everything to many of you too.

We expect the unveiling to be in September or possibly slightly earlier. Needsy is busy writing the Thin White Book while we're still on the cooling down lap. 

IF YOU MISSED THE DEADLINE for the Kickstarter campaign but would still like to make a donation and receive one of the rewards packages on offer please e.mail us at
The statue is now definitely going to happen, but we need to continue fundraising to enable us to complete the project.

Thanks so much once again for all your kind pledges and all your wonderfully positive messages. It's made our year.

Love peace and the Bewlay Brothers

David & Sue Stopps x

There is also a dedicated website which will be updated over the coming days and weeks



Tickets from Waterside Box Office only (max of 4 per person) or online from and

Great excitement amongst the 90,000 strong Friars Aylesbury membership as we announce that Holy Holy featuring Tony Visconti, Woody Woodmansey and Heaven 17’s Glenn Gregory will play Friars Aylesbury on  Monday 3 April next year.

This will be the first time that original Spiders from Mars drummer Woody Woodmansey has played the Ziggy album in Aylesbury since the classic David Bowie show on 15 July 1972 – 44 years ago.

Tony Visconti worked closely with Bowie throughout his career producing with Bowie no less than 12 classic Bowie albums, ‘David Bowie’ (1969), ‘The Man Who Sold the World’ (70), ‘David Live’ (74), ‘Young Americans’ (75), ‘Low’ (77), ‘Heroes’ (77), ‘Stage’ (78), ‘Lodger’ (79), ‘Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) (80), ‘Heathen’ (2002), ‘Reality’ (2003), ‘The Next Day’ (2013) and Bowie’s final album ‘Black Star’ in 2016.

Tony produced 7 albums with T Rex including their classic Electric Warrior album. He has also produced and worked with Georgie Fame, Badfinger, Gentle Giant, Caravan, Osibisa, Thin Lizzy, Adam Ant, The Kaiser Chiefs, Manic Street Preachers, Morrissey and Iggy Pop amongst many others.

In 2014 Woody and Tony formed Holy Holy, specifically to perform ‘The Man who Sold the World’ album live. Tony not only produced this classic 1970 album but also played bass on the album with Woody on drums and the legendary late Mick Ronson on guitar. The group undertook a short tour in the UK in September 2014 and a larger scale tour of the UK and Japan in the summer of 2015. In January 2016 they toured the east coast of the United States and followed this with a full tour of US and Canadian cities in Spring of this year.

Bowie formed the Spiders from Mars (Trevor Bolder, Woody Woodmansey and Mick Ronson) in the tiny Borough Assembly Hall Friars Aylesbury dressing room on September 25th 1971. Aylesbury’s Kris Needs and David Stopps were there when he said “ This was great tonight – Let’s form a band and go out and do it properly”.

The Spiders all hailed from Hull, so to mark the city being designated ‘City of Culture 2017’ two concerts with Holy Holy were organised, but this time doing the iconic Ziggy Stardust album. Both sold out in a day. The Friars Aylesbury date will be a few days after the Hull dates.

Holy Holy are Tony Visconti on bass, Woody Woodmansey on drums, Glenn Gregory on vocals, James Stevenson from The Alarm, Gene Loves Jezebel, Gen X, The Cult and Chelsea on guitar and Berenice Scott and Jessica Morgan on keyboards.


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